Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"I Made a Paper Chain!"

Thanks to an especially fun episode of Mr. Rogers that aired on PBS recently, construction paper - and specifically paper chains - have been items of interest at our house. Mr. Rogers made a huge paper chain that stretched all the way from one end of his little house to the other. Then he showed a video about how construction paper is made.

I don't think Hannah quite put the whole thing together until I hauled out a huge stack of construction paper. Then came one of Hannah's favorite phrases: "Just like on TV!!!" (She says this all the time, and I always cringe, because TV is really kind of a treat at our house. Hannah usually watches about an hour a day, often Sesame Street, sometimes a Winnie the Pooh video, and when it airs on Saturdays, Mr. Rogers. But when she sees, say, a bear or a piece of paper, or a tricycle, or anything that makes her think of one of her shows, she shouts, " just like on TV!")

During Hannah's nap, I cut strips of paper in all colors, and when she woke up, we got to work making a paper chain "just like Mr. Rogers." I think the most fun part was watching it grow longer and longer. First it was a tall as Hannah, then as tall as Mama, then Daddy, and finally, even taller than Daddy! Wow...that's tall!

When it was finished, it wasn't long enough to string from wall to wall like Mr. Rogers did, but we put it over the curtain rod in Hannah's bedroom. Now, every time she enters her room (or sees a smallish piece of paper, for that matter), Hannah shouts, "Hannah made a paper chain! Just like Mr. Rogers!"

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