Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Made the Cheap Valentine's Bears...

Last week, I was pondering whether I should spend money on store bought Valentines for Hannah to give to her friends, or should I spend time to make little stuffed bears out of fabric scraps for free. Thanks to your comments and my determination to be cheap, I opted to sew the bears. Here they are!

For those of you who wonder exactly how long a crazy project like this takes, and even more importantly, exactly where does a mother of a toddler find this time, here's the breakdown:

Cutting and sewing: one nap time

Turning and stuffing: one episode of American Idol plus the PBS special on Fannie Farmer (by the way, also the amount of time it took Jonathan to paint the dining room)

Embroidering the faces: Mary Poppins (this included stopping to play with the bears once Hannah unglued her eyes from the dancing penguins long enough to realize that Mama was sewing enough bears to build a Bear Tower!!)

Cutting and stitching the hearts: one bath time

Attaching hearts to bears: one episode of Glee

So total time: probably less than 6 hours. Unintentional revelation: I watch a lot of TV.


  1. LOL! These bears are cute! I came to the same TV realization a few weeks ago. I'm trying to cut the TV cord and write more in the evenings.

  2. I love it! I usually crochet during TV time...if people would slow down with the babymaking, I might be able to catch up! Speaking of which...when are you due?

  3. PS--> Where did you get the pattern for the bears?

  4. The pattern is from a book called Country Fabric Scrap Crafts by Marti Michell. Little Sister is expected on June 1.


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