Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Not your everyday cardboard box castle

What's a princess party without a castle? (And you know how much we like castles around our house!) So Jonathan went to work on a couple of boxes we had stored in the garage for an occasion such as this. Check out what he came up with!

Of course, Hannah got out her tools and went to work right along side Daddy. She fixed her own hair. I thought it was very fitting that she's sporting the Princess Rambo look for this particular construction project.

First, the arched doorway...

...then the towers...

...and of course, the pink paint. We actually had almost a whole gallon of paint left over from painting Hannah's room, so Jonathan used a little of that to spruce up the castle.

Hannah helped.

And here's the finished product. We were just so pleased with how it came out. If you look through the doorway, you'll see Hannah's signature "H" painted on the back wall. Not bad, huh? We added some Sleeping Beauty-inspired banners to the castle, and to the back fence. (For those of you who aren't obsessed with all things princess...uh...I mean, who's daughter is not obsessed, banners feature prominently in Princess Aurora's birthday celebrations.)

And here's our birthday princess. I was so excited to find this Aurora shirt at Old Navy, and paired it with a super ruffled tulle skirt that I made. Like the hat? Come back tomorrow for more about the party favors!

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