Friday, December 16, 2011

A Row of Holiday Houses

I love Christmas.  This is why I've been making myself scarce in blogland during December: I'm too busy doing Christmas to write about it!  (Maybe I'll do a major recap in January...)  So I volunteered to host our play group's Christmas party.  I was all about low-key, low-stress.  I even volunteered to make mac and cheese for the potluck supper.  Easy, right?

Then the December issue of Family Fun magazine came in the mail.  And all that went down the tube.  I didn't even read the magazine.  I just saw the pictures of the gingerbread house decorating party, and went into overdrive.  The result?  Mass-produced graham cracker houses (at least I didn't make real gingerbread, right?).  Add eight kids, three babies, and bags and bags of candy and icing, and this is what you get.

Some kids let their moms help with the icing.

Some are quite independent.  (Wonder where that comes from?)

And some very symmetrical.

For some, there's no holding back!

A little icing was eaten along the way...

This was too cute: her head is barely above the table!

Long after everyone else finished, Hannah was still putting "just one more candy" on hers.  Or at this moment, dousing the thing with sprinkles.

"What kind of sugary goodness did you put on yours?"

And then there was shameless snitching of the candy.

And I mean shameless!

In the end, they all came out beautiful, and good enough to eat.

After all this creativity, we settled down to supper.  Stuffed full of marshmallows and gummy bears, most of the kids couldn't care less about their supper.  (But take a look at all those sippy funny!)

I have to say, a good time was had by all.  As the Facebook updates rolled in after the party, it seemed like most of the kids had the appropriate post-sugar crash just in time for bed.

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