Friday, January 18, 2013

Snow Day

Imagine the wonder of seeing snow for the first time.  (Technically, Lydia was out in the snow for about three minutes last winter, but I'm sure it made very little lasting impression.)  I snapped this picture just as she came out the front door and saw that everything was covered in white stuff.

It didn't take Lydia long to learn that you're supposed to run around, gathering bits of it in your hands.

Or maybe trying to catch a flake or two on your tongue.

Of course, if you're big like Daddy, you can make a really BIG snowball.

Everyone can help with this one!

I wonder what it's going to be?

In any case, this snow business is pretty fun.

Would you look at that?  It's taller than both of us.  And Hannah says this carrot is it's nose.

This snowman may be very nice, but I'm getting cold.  Enough pictures, Mama.  Time to go inside.

Hannah?  She's never cold.  She could just stay out here all day long.

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