Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Moving, Merry Christmas, and Morning Sickness...All Good Excuses Not to Write

That's right...there's going to be another wee addition to the Warren house! And now that the first trimester is over and I feel like a real person again, I am horrified to realize that weeks and weeks have gone by when I didn't even think about the computer, much less spend time writing on blogs or reading my email - or, if you can imagine, even fueling my addiction to couponing websites.

Also, in those hazy weeks, we moved to a new house, celebrated Halloween (all on the same day), went to Chicago for Thanksgiving, had my 30th birthday (which I celebrated with a chuch potluck before driving to Chicago), and, oh yeah, Christmas!

First, moving: I don't like to move. I am, however, really good at it. I figured in the five years Jonathan and I have been married, we've moved 7 times. Some of our moving boxes, which we keep under the bed, pre-date our wedding by a few moves. And even though this is Hannah's third move, it's the first that she remembers.

So rather than dreading it like the rest of us, she happily pitched in with getting everything ready for the New House. And I taught her my philosophy that the kitchen should be unpacked first, since there's nothing worse than waking up in the morning and not being able to have a bowl of cereal.

As soon as the cereal bowls were unpacked, we started thinking about Christmas, the celebration of which is a really big deal at our house.

It was also a big deal at church, where Hannah was in her first Christmas play, for which she learned all the songs, although she wouldn't sing a single word in front of an audience. But she sure looked cute!

Christmas morning was every bit as magical as we hoped it would be with a two-year-old. Hannah's plethora of grandparents lovingly showered her with gifts. The hands-down favorite that she wouldn't let go of all day (or since)? Her very own Chap Stick.

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