Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy March, Y'all!

I had so much fun with my Valentine's Day/hearts/pink theme in February, I decided to continue the fun into the month of March. So get ready to go green.

Here's the idea: since in my book, St. Patrick's Day is an excuse to make corned beef and eat chocolate (this is because I'm not a fan of beer...sorry), and not much more, it's even lower on my list of Exciting Holidays than V-Day. So I can't quite think of a month's worth of Irish-ness, especially since my idea of wearing green on March 17th is my imaginary T-shirt that says in pink letters "with a name like Siobhan, I don't have to wear green."

Instead, I'll give my nod to the admirable Patrick through a series of devotionals based on his writings (or those attributed to him, anyway). There might be a shamrock or two, and I promise to share a story about my fancy St. Paddy's Day dessert that I thought might blow up our apartment. Finally, I hope to talk about some real "green" stuff, as in recycling and making a garden in our yard. This might turn out more brown than green, but only time will tell...

I also have some other projects in the works I'd like to share, like the canopy for Hannah's room. This one got pushed to the back burner when my back entered its third trimester last week and stopped supporting the rest of me long enough to sit at the sewing machine. Now that I'm feeling more like a person and less like a giant belly, I'm gonna get back to it...really. I also got sidetracked by a major renovation of my recipe collection, but like all renovations, it's going in stages, so you'll just have to wait for that one.

Happy March, and thanks for enjoying the beginning of Spring with us!

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