Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our Desert Travels

Looking out the airplane window as we approached Tucson last week, Hannah observed, "Those are dirty mountains!" That pretty much describes the difference between the mountains in Tennessee and those in Arizona, doesn't it? Tennessee is as overwhelmingly green as Arizona is predominantly brown.

Hannah's birthday week continued, as we spent time with grandparents - including the actual day of her birth, which we celebrated with three of Hannah's four sets of grandparents, a great-grandpa, and an aunt-uncle-cousin set.

We also had a fabulous birthday breakfast, which included eggs benedict for the grown-ups, and scrambled eggs and toast for the birthday girl. (Hannah asked for her favorite breakfast, and my mom and I improvised.)

And what's a birthday breakfast without cake? Or in this case, cake balls a la Sleeping Beauty?

Awwww...I just had to share this moment!

Next, it was off to visit Jonathan's mom, where Grammy and Hannah were very busy making stuff. They made some tutus (which were worn for the remainder of the visit)...
...and brownies...

Have I ever mentioned that in spite of Hannah's manic love of baking, she doesn't really like baked goods (with the logical exception of chocolate chip cookies). She does, however, love to lick the beater.

We also chatted with Jonathan's brother and nephew over the webcam. The best part: Brady showed Hannah is belly...

...and she showed him hers. Don't you wish you were three?

It was also Cousin Zane's birthday, which was celebrated with the classic party game of Spin the Lettuce. Who knew that would be so much fun?

On the other hand, check out Zane's new ride. He can drive surprisingly well for a four-year-old.

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