Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We're having a ball this fall with all things pumpkin.

First, check out these jack-o-lantern fruit cups we brought to our Halloween party. There were so easy to make, and super cute. The kids loved them!

I made them by cutting the tops off of oranges (it helped to first find the end of the orange that sat best of the table, then cut off the opposite end). Next, I cut out most of the orange with a knife. I didn't worry about scooping out all the pulp, just enough to make a cup. Then I chopped the removed orange, added some other fruit, and filled them back up. The faces were drawn on with permanent marker. This was actually the hardest part because the oranges weren't completely dry. So some of them are augmented with a regular ball point pen.

And we made our now-annual visit to the pumpkin patch. (This time we drove instead of hiked...uh...walked.)

These girls are just so stinking cute!

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