Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Little Hopping Going On

It's beautiful in East Tennessee this week.  We enjoyed dinner outside in the backyard, and then just couldn't bring ourselves to go back inside again.  So after the regular yard toys had run their course, we moved to the driveway for some sidewalk chalk.

I drew this hopscotch thingy (what are they really called?), after which Jonathan informed me is not really the way it's supposed to be made.  But Hannah was thrilled, and immediately started jumping from box to box, doing first position then second position, first position then second position - just like in ballet class.

Then she studied my drawing with great intensity...

...and proceeded to draw her own grid.

 Hers was made with circles.  They each had a letter in the center. 

They were all first position.

Of course, Lydia had to get in on the action.  She played along by rolling the egg-shaped chalk down the driveway.  

Ahhh...nothing like a little lesson in inclined planes on a warm spring evening.

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