Friday, May 25, 2012

Lydia's First Birthday!

I cannot believe it, but Lydia's first birthday is on Sunday.  Where has the last year gone?  We celebrated yesterday with a few friends, some pinwheels, and all things rainbow.

After watching countless moms eat countless cupcakes from which the icing has been licked off by tiny tongues, I decided to make mini cupcakes.  This way, the kids could have their lick of icing and one bite of cake.  Then, the moms could leave them on the plate guilt-free, and have their own cupcake too.  I busted out my Silhouette and made some rainbow cupcake toppers.  There were chocolate covered Oreos for the party guests to take home, and some rainbow fruit skewers to round out the afternoon's snack.

Hannah and I decorated the driveway with sidewalk chalk.  (See Aurora Bear in the back there?  Hannah got really excited, straightened Aurora's crown, and announced, "I think Lydia should have an Aurora party, just like me!")

When it came time for the cake, Lydia was just as cute as could be.  She sportingly wore the hat, and scarfed her cupcake by the fistful.  She also devoured several pieces of watermelon and a number of blueberries.  Honestly, I think the kids liked the fruit as much or more than the cake.  Go figure...

A friend brought her super fun parachute, which made for a great game. 

And everyone got a rainbow pinwheel.  See Lydia with her hands over her ears?  That's what she does when she's excited.  I'm not sure where she learned that, but it sure is funny!

Happy birthday, sweet Lydia!  It's been a fantastic year with you in our family!


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