Saturday, April 2, 2011

Making Room for Baby

I've finally faced reality: I have Baby on the brain. All other projects, concerns, and tasks have been shunted aside so that I can sit in the mess that is going to be Little Sister's room and think about how I would like for it to look. So I decided that I should blog about reality too. You know that room in your house that, when company comes over, you close the door and pretend doesn't exits? For us, that's Baby's room. But I'm opening the door to you and letting you see what it's really like. Then, as we turn it from junk room to Beautiful Nursery, I'll share the progress. Hopefully, progress will come quickly, because we have about eight weeks. Eight weeks!!!

Here's the room now - as is. The furniture is (I think) where it is going to stay, including the futon. However, in my mind, it will be folded up, with cute throw pillows, not taking up half the room and unmade. For some reason, I am most distressed by the state of the changing table.

Maybe this is because I spent a great deal of time during the first two plus years of Hannah's life washing and folding diapers. And now, thanks to great strides in potty training, the changing table has turned into a receptacle for unfolded, clean laundry, and the diapers sit unfolded on the floor...

Then there's the closet. Many of these boxes are full of stuff that actually belongs in this room, like clothes and toys. However, this room served as the "box room" when we moved into our house six months ago. (As in, we put all the boxes in here, and then unpacked them as necessity dictated. Some less necessary stuff is still lurking in this closet.)

And finally, is what we envision for the room: walls painted purple and green, and decorated with some whimsical elephants. Hannah's nursery was jungle-themed, and mostly green, so we're borrowing heavily from these leftovers, and making it girly with the addition of purple - since Hannah claimed pink for her princess room. This valance hung in Hannah's nursery, and Jonathan and I both love these elephants.

This time, it's not going to make an appearance as a valance, because we happen to have some nice purple curtains from yet another room. (Have you figured out by now that we have moved a lot, which has left us with a lot of odds and ends?) But I have grand plans for this valance, maybe along the lines of some throw pillows for the futon. And we want to duplicate the stylized elephants in other parts of the room. Jonathan has one up on me, having already made this beautiful mosaic. (He says, preemptively, that he will not come help you redo your shower.)

So stay tuned, and see what else we come up with...

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