Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pink..uh, Purple...Elephants on Parade

Having picked up some of the mess in Little Sister's room, and not yet to the point of painting the walls, I've started contemplating what is going to go on the walls after the paint. I have all kids of fabulous ideas, from a quilt, to a name garland, to strings of embroidered elephants all in a row, trunk to tail.

My brilliant idea for this Saturday morning was to browse at the local fabric store for some purple elephant fabric. Then, half way through my bowl of cereal, it occurred to me that this would probably be a totally futile search. What are the odds of the fabric store actually carrying purple elephant fabric? Instead, I started searching online.

Boy, is there a lot of really awesome pink elephant fabric! And blue and green and yellow. Purple? Not so much...

Here's some of what I like:

This is from the Ele line by Premier Fabrics. I liked the motif when I saw it in Candy Pink and Chartreuse (not together...thank goodness!). So after some searching, I found this color, called "Bella." I thought I'd found the perfect thing, but upon further investigation, I realized that "Bella" is just another name for light pink.

Here's the Chartreuse, by the way.

I REALLY like this one, called Urban Circus, from Robert Kaufman. Why, oh why, is everything pink and green? (Why, oh why, is our nursery purple and green?)

This one is very cute, but has nothing whatsoever to do with my color scheme. It's called It's a Jungle Out There, by Hoffman Fabrics.

And this one's from the Bliss Flannel line from Free Spirit. Not quite purple either.

I guess that this point, I'm still leaning toward the Ele line...not sure if I would just pretend the light pink is lavender, or use the chartreuse and add my own purple accents. If anyone out there knows about some purple elephants, I would love to hear about them! And stay tuned. One of these days, there will be cute purple(ish) elephant stuff for Baby's room. I'm just as excited as you are to find out what it's all going to look like!

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