Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We've been doing stuff with windows around the Warren house. Jonathan was in the Habitat for Humanity ReStore last week, and stumbled across these neat old windows, which he bought for $3 each.

Deciding exactly what to do with the windows has been a major occupation of ours this week, and we've spent many hours looking at windows on Pinterest. The main contenders are replacing the glass with mirrors, or using the window frame as a picture frame.

Actually, we're pretty sure that we'll only keep one of the windows, and the other will go for another project. If this project actualizes, I'll share some pictures after the fact.

I also stitched up some valances for our kitchen and dining room. The kitchen is painted blue and the dining room green, so this blue, green, and brown motif coordinates with both rooms beautifully. I only took pictures of the dining room curtain because the kitchen one still needs some fluffing/pleat arranging.

And of course, the moments I had to take pictures without a baby in my arms turned out to be very sunny, so sorry about the insane backlight. But you'll get the idea...

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