Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pictures for Grandma

This is for my mom, who keeps telling me that she hasn't seen any new pictures lately - especially of Lydia. The trouble is, we keep doing picture-worthy things, I take Lydia's picture, but she usually just sleeping. So while Hannah looks very interesting and photogenic, we just have a million pictures of Lydia sleeping in her car seat or stroller or baby seat or swing. I guess that's just the way it is, huh? So, Grandma, (and everyone else), here's what we've got:

Last Saturday, we went downtown to Market Square. We spent most of our time at the fountain.

Nearby, there were some musicians playing. Hannah and I were ballroom dancing the day before (along with Beauty and the Beast), which inspired this move.

We also stopped to admire some truly beautiful flowers.

Through it all, Lydia never even opened her eyes...

This is our neighborhood Splash Pad, which is endlessly fun.

Lydia's hanging out in the shade with her friend who's a month older than she.

And I acutally remembered to ask Jonathan to take a picture of me!

We recently played at a friend's house. I posted this on facebook, but Hannah has watermelon in one hand, and leftover salami from her lunch in the other.

Here's Lydia. Asleep.

At another friend's house. (No salami this time.)

Lydia acutally made it out of the seat and onto Hannah's towel before she dozed off.

This was just too funny not to share!

And here's a "real" picture.

The prerequisite bath time shot.

I love this. Hannah was having her snack (and so was Dolly, it looks like), and she arranged her table and chair so that she could sit next to Lydia. This was completly fascinating to Lydia, who watched Hannah the whole time. Or maybe she was just wishing she could have some Cheetos.

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