Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Half a Birthday

Can you believe it?  Lydia celebrated her six month birthday this week.  In honor of the occasion, Big Sis and I whipped up a half a birthday cake.  Of course, Lydia didn't have any, but that didn't stop her from launching herself across the table during mama's photo session, and trying to plant her face in the middle of the cake.

I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.  Since Lydia wasn't eating any, I picked the cake that I wanted.  (Incidentally, if you make a similar cake, I would definitely not recommend this combination: putting white icing on the cut part of a red cake was a nightmare.)

In any case, we had a very nice litttle birthday celebration, complete with a rousing rendition of "Happy Half Birthday to You," followed by an Alice in Wonderland-inspired, "A Very Merry Half Birthday to You."

 Like I said, Lydia (who has developed quite the knack for grabbing cereal bowls, cups of water, and anything else within her surprisingly long reach right off the table) was not content to sit in daddy's lap and look at the cake.  She wiggled right onto the table and almost crawled toward her destination. 

Even Hannah, who usually eats only the icing, devoured her whole piece of cake, and then asked for more.  Quite an occasion!

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