Saturday, August 6, 2011

Up All Night: 5 Dresses in 5 Nights

I have never been a Simpsons fanatic, but I remember a couple of episodes very clearly. One of them is the when Marge buys a fancy suit at the outlet mall. (I think I remember it because the suit is pink, and I LOVE pink.) Because of her clothes, an acquaintance thinks Marge is wealthier than she really is, and invites her the the country club. Marge sits up all night before each meeting with her friend, making over the dress. She fools no one, and in the end, decides that the Simpsons are not country club kind of people. Even if she is, in my opinion, a wonderful seamstress to make over the same dress again and again.

Here's a quote I found on a Simpson's trivia site:
Marge: I have to alter my suit so it looks different for tomorrow.
Homer: Just slap some bumper stickers on it and come to bed, will you, Marge?

I'm with Homer, even though I admire Marge. But contrary to my usual "bumper sticker" personality, I've been doing a lot of sewing this week. I have some theories of why:

  1. I finally got my new serger out the box, and its fast, neat looking seams have inspired me to DO something.

  2. A combination of a newborn and a really large chocolate cake I made last Monday have induced some major insomnia, which has given me lots of sewing time.

  3. I bought a whole bunch of fabric, then felt guilty about spending the money, so felt like I should use it to justify the expense.

  4. My girls get cuter every day, and I want to take their pictures every minute (although I don't because they get annoyed).

  5. I'm secretly hoping that in their homemade (although with professional-looking, serged seams) dresses, we'll be invited to join the country club. Not really, but there's my Simpson's joke of the decade.

I've actually made five dresses during the last week, and I want to share them with you. I even did a tutorial, but it's a "bumper sticker" tutorial because it's a Dad's-T-shirt-to-Girl's-Dress, and every sewing blogger on the Internet has made one of those. But I took lots of pictures, so I'll share them anyway!

Get out your best pink suit and join me this week for five days and five dresses.

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