Saturday, August 6, 2011

Day 2: Dolly Goes from Rags to Riches

Even though Dolly got a new knit dress, she still needed a red shirt to match her skirt. Then I stumbled across the fantastic Liberty Jane line of patterns. These are meant for American Girls dolls, but I figured that with some modification, they'd do for our Bitty Baby. I was right. The shirt is a little snug, but isn't it a huge improvement over Dolly's other red shirt? It even clothes with Velcro along the back: Hannah can put it on!!

This pattern was free, but I can't wait to make their jeans. Even if they don't fit Dolly, I have my own American Girls dolls, waiting for my girls to grow a little older, and they can definitely use some jeans. They're currently dressed only in period costume (back in my day, American Dolls were only period; none of this modern clothing stuff). Did I mention that my mom sewed doll clothes? She made clothes for Kristen too.

Well, Hannah was very excited about Dolly's new red shirt, so she dressed in a matching outfit and posed along side Dolly. Awww....

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