Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 4: Jeans Dress for Lydia

Hannah calls denim "jeans." So a denim dress is a "jeans dress." We recently went to the fabric store, and Hannah got to pick out some fabric for look-alike dresses for her and Lydia. She immediately found this denim with red embroidered butterflies. I added some red corduroy for accent.

The patterns are from Rob Merrett's book Making Baby's Clothes, which has lots of really cute outfits in it.

And a note about the family photos: after everything else in our garden withered and died (and we watered it faithfully, too!), the sunflowers kept on. This was our first bloom, which was a huge event! We all went out to take our picture with the flower. But being a sunflower, in order to stand in front of it, we had to look directly into the morning sun. Not good for the eyes. Add a grouchy 2 year old, and that makes for pouty, squinty pictures.

But none of that matters, because you're really here to see the girl's cute matching dresses, right?
Here's Lydia's little dress. It's so sweet. The pattern called for bias binding. I decided to make my own out of the red corduroy. Not a good idea! It was so hard to press and turned out all wonky.

So even though I'm not a perfectionist, this is the only close-up shot you'll get, because I do have a little bit of pride. These are vintage buttons from my grandma's stash.

Tomorrow: details from Hannah's dress.

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