Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Preschool Grocery Shopping List

Grocery shopping is not the dreaded chore in the Warren household that it is for some other folks. Somehow, I have been blessed with a little girl who likes making the week's menu, then selecting the food each meal requires. But now that there are two little girls in the cart, and one's attention span is about 30 seconds long, our shopping trips have become a little more riotous.

Hannah's greatest ambition is to write all over my shopping list. Since the list is in my weekly planner, this is not a good option. I provided her with a notebook of her own, but scribbling in this, muttering "hot dogs, ice cream, cucumber, 'picy meat..." only lasted about five minutes.

So I created this pictorial shopping list, gave Hannah a multi-colored pen, and set off down the aisles. In the list are some of the things Hannah likes to eat, in the order we find them at our local store.

It was a hit! As each item went into the cart, Hannah studiously colored it. She reminded me when we forgot to go down the cereal aisle. And by the end of the shopping trip, everyone was happy and smiling...even Lydia!

Here's a PDF of the shopping list, if you're interested in printing it for your own little shoppers. Or make your own, using clipart and the foods that you like to buy.

Shopping Color Sheet


  1. You are brilliant!
    I can't figure out how to post other than as anonymous, but it's Christina!

  2. Thanks, Christina. It makes me post as anonymous half the time too!


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